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We have used a variety of means for staying up-to-date on
search engine development including reading patents and research papers, attending lectures of search engineers, and conversing directly with search engine companies' personnel.
Search Engine Expert
Online Logo Infringement
We Discover Domain Name & Graphic Logo Infringement
Detection & Investigation:
Detection & Investigation:

Providing top service for trademark cases involving the internet.

Trademark cases involving marks displayed on the internet can be quite complex. We have over 20 years of experience in internet technologies and have consulted for top ecommerce companies, including Fortune 500 corporations and Internet Retailer 500 companies.

Experienced. Qualified.

Beyond an incredibly deep level of experience in internet technology,
we have been deposed and have given testimony at trial.

Internet Technology.

Over 20 years of working in internet development, including 10 years at Verizon. Website development, programming, analytics, advertising and application development.

Search Engine Optimization [SEO] Expert

One of the world’s top Search Engine Optimization [SEO] experts — longtime writer on SEO topics for major industry news sites, featured speaker at industry conferences and workshops.

Search Engine Expert

Extensive technical knowledge of search engine algorithms, development, and user interfaces.


Background in detection of trademark cybersquatting of domain names and investigation into domain owner history and server hosting information.

Innovator, Patented.

Two patents awarded by USPTO, and one pending, involving search and display technologies.

Court Experienced

Served as industry expert for the U.S. Department of Justice, and on court cases in Europe and the United States. Provided declarations, expert reports, deposition and trial testimony.

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