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Chris Smith is the founder and CEO of Аrgent Меdia, a search marketing agency located in Dallas, Texas. Chris has worked as a search marketing consultant for many years, providing advice and marketing services to Fortune 500 and Internet Retailer 500 companies. Prior to his marketing agency work, Chris was the head of a technology department for Verizon’s Superpages.com, a leading business directory website.

Chris occasionally serves as an expert witness, including on a number of top trademark infringement cases, as well as on cases involving internet reputation defamation and social media.

Chris is also a longtime writer for leading search marketing news and information websites, as well as for legal industry publications.


Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas

Legal Case Experience

  • 2015 to Present – At the request of the plaintiff in, Roseville Fullerton Burton Holdings, LLC DBA Discounted Wheel Warehouse, a California Limited Liability Company v. SOCAL Wheels, Inc., a California Corporation; Wheel Warehouse, Inc., a California Corporation and DOES 1-10, inclusive. Status: Ongoing.
  • 2015 – On behalf of the plaintiff in Bindu Pariyar, Plaintiff v. Tom Randall Sewell, Defendant (Cause No. DC-14-06619 in 68th Judicial District Court, Dallas County, Texas). Outcome: Court found in favor of the plaintiff.
  • 2014 to 2015 – On behalf of the defendant, GoDaddy, inAcademy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences v. Godaddy.com, Inc; Domains By Proxy, Inc., Greendomainmarket.com, BDS, and XPDreamteam LLC. Outcome: Court found in favor of the defendants.
  • 2014 – On behalf of the court at the request of the plaintiff in Daniel Hegglin v. (1) Person(s)
    Unknown and (2) Google, Inc.. Outcome: Favorable settlement was successfully negotiated
    with Google.
  • 2014 – On behalf of the plaintiff in PODS Enterprises, Inc. v. U-Haul International, Inc. on behalf of the plaintiffs. Outcome: jury and court found in favor of the plaintiffs.
  • 2012 – On behalf of the plaintiffs in Local 731 I.B. of T. Excavators and Pavers Pension Trust Fund et al. v. Swanson et al on behalf of the plaintiffs. Outcome: A favorable settlement was successfully negotiated.
  • 2008 – Provided independent expert testimony for the U.S. Department of Justice — informal hearing on the proposed MicroSoft/Yahoo! (“Microhoo”) merger and Google/Yahoo! advertising syndication deals.



  • Serving on the SEO Advisory Board, Thomson Reuters Findlaw
  • Serving on the Board of Advisors, Universal Business Listing (UBL)
  • Serving as Vice President of Programming, Dallas-Ft. Worth Search Engine Marketing Association